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Qingdao Yilucai Packaging Co. presents a large quantity of packaging products with several different features. The cosmetic packaging is almost equally as important as the product itself, and both aesthetics and functionality are critical. Well-made or digitally-advanced packaging can make a product more desirable and even more attractive: our company can provide customized boxes, discounts and promotions for all our worldwide customers.

Yilucai cardboard hair packaging box with envelope inside

Yilucai customized cardboard lipgloss box with sponge insert and logo

Yilucai gel polish cosmetic paper box

Private Label Logo Magnetic Strip false lash Package

Yilucai customized printed paper cosmetic packaging box

Yilucai customized cosmetic makeup brush packaging box

Yilucai patent design heart-shaped eyelash box

Yiluca Luxury custom LOGO private label magnetic paper eyelash packaging box

Yilucai customized print skin care packaging box

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