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Qingdao Yilucai Packaging Co. offers you boxes which are safe for food use, it does not transfer noxious or toxic substances into the food it is holding. It protects its contents from outside environmental influences and it maintains microbiological stability. The Company is sure customers abroad will be satisfied and it supports them with discounts and promotions during the year.

Yilucai customized paper printed cup holder box

Yilucai corrugated brown craft food box with insert

Yilucai corrugated beverage packaging box

Yilucai corrugated standard beer box with plastic window

Yilucai paper chocolate food box with insert

Yilucai brown and white craft take away bags with logo

Yilucai paper board meal customized box

Yilucai six-pack beer corrugated box

Yilucai art paper cardboaard foldable chocolate box with inserts

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