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Qingdao Yilucai Packaging Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 and is an enterprise which specializes in paper printing & packaging. Its designing, manufacturing, printing and packaging can be shipped worldwide in large quantity of products. We strive to follow our principle of “providing reliable services & being constantly creative” which results in a professional team and drives the company to high productivity and good performance.

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Qingdao Yilucai Packaging Co., Ltd is a major manufacturer with a great work experience in the area of printing & packaging. The company provides new products and different packaging solutions for the customers. As a matter of fact we have a deep sense of community: the benefits of building a strong feeling among members is the driving force that lets us work better and better.


Providing Reliable Services & Being Constantly Creative.



Is Like An Art

What does Yilucai mean? In chinese, the industry of packaging is closely related to art (Yishu: in chinese means art).
Tenacity, stubbornness and an enterprising spirit are the characteristics of Mr. Zhang, who was a soldier in the army when

he was young. In 2004, he started his business in packaging industry saying it was ‘harder than flying into the sky’, but he managed to achieve his goals working very hard.


Packaging is like an Art. It takes a lot of passion and effort to make it properly and a great imagination to make it beautiful. Only by treating every material as a work of art we are able to create high quality products and gain praise.



We Have Obtained

We own seven certificates of the Utility Model Patent and four certificates of the Design Patent.

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