How to choose a right jewelry packaging box?


If what you're looking for is not just a simple jewelry box but refined packaging customized according to your store's style, you're in the right place!

The packaging is a big deal for big brands, and small jewelry businesses are slowly embracing the trend. It’s risky to neglect this side of the business because it helps mold your brand reputation; however, there are still small businesses that are prepared to compromise on aesthetics to cut business costs and in so doing, have compromised brand reputation,self-sabotaged sales, and left a negative lasting impression.

How to choose a right jewelry packaging box?

There is an infinite selection as well as quality of jewelry boxes.

Different shapes, material and colors represent a knowing selection and specifically designed by jewelers who want to transform a “container” into an actual communication tool.

But what are the selection criteria? How do you choose jewelry boxes?

The shape of the jewel to be held is the first aspect to be considered. The jewelry packaging manufacturer market, in any case, has recently grown with companies that make truly innovative packaging that become products of design in themselves.

Not just in shape, but also in materials.

Silk and velvet are good choices in people's minds, but now there are now many other materials have been ennobled, becoming perfect jewelry packaging.

Thus, it is not unusual to find necklace packaging, ring packaging, earring packaging, etc. made of silk, cotton or nappan, for example. The use of materials such as cardboard which, once customized and plasticized, becomes especially attractive and pleasing to the touch and eyes, has become very interesting.

The secret is in finding a supplier who in not only able to create the more classic types, but also to transform ideas into reality, because only those who love and work in contact with jewelry every day can understand which packaging is best to enhance the characteristics and special features.

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