Build a Paper Box


As I was trying to cleanup my desk, I found a stack of paper next to a pile of pens and pencils. I wanted to get organized and realized I had all the needed materials to build a box for storing my pile of writing utensils. The paper box I built is both easy to make and versatile to use.
This can be built in 4 easy steps.

Print – jump to the PDF and print the box template onto card stock paper of your choosing. Cover/Card stock is recommended as this provides a much sturdier box.
Cut – Cut out the design by following the “outer-edge” solid lines of the printout
Crease – Crease along the fold lines as shown in the photo – be sure to fold so your printed lines will be inside the box
Tape – tape the box as shown. Be sure to use box #2 for your bottom flap due to the lip being larger and allowing for best reinforcement.

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