Four Major Trends in the Global Packaging Industry


In the past, customers believed that” no matter how a product looks like, it has to be easily used.” Here in the first sentence we mean the packaging and design of the product. The last sentence refers to its formula and utility.

However, the time when material was short and production technology was limited had gone. And products just “looking good” are more and more unacceptable to consumers. For them, the novelty, the environmental friendliness and even the sense of technology depends a lot.

So what are the trends in the packaging industry?

A. Interconnected packaging

A variety of technologies help brands connect physical packaging to the virtual world.

What does it mean for consumers?

Inter-connected packaging provides added value to consumers, creating a unique experience that meets consumer’s demand of interactive and personalized shopping.

It can be used to build brand stories, providing specific product information, and offer promotional offers and discounts.

What is the significance for the brand?

Inter-connected packaging differentiates products from other competing items on store shelves and has important advantages on data collection.


Consumers have been recycling some packages for years. However, they ask for more and want to know how recycling works in recent years.

What does it mean for consumers?

Some people may have developed the habit of recycling, but for others, the lack of a convenient way to clean and sort waste is an obstacle. In response to this phenomenon, more and more recycling programs focus on recycling reward.

What is the significance for the brand?

Clearly indicating more about which part of the food packaging can be recycled is the primary factor that encourages consumers to recycle.

C.Remodeling the box

More and more consumers are shopping online, brand e-commerce packaging and packaging strategies are changing the face of the industry.

What does it mean for consumers?

In traditional retailing, the brand tones and information conveyed externally to the package are important. In e-commerce, brands are increasingly aware that information transfer and branding of secondary (or transport) packaging should be separated. Then, traditional decorations are transferred and copied internally. This reverse design element allows consumers to be pleasantly surprised when they receive and open online shopping products.

What is the significance of the brand?

Although consumers currently prefer to buy groceries in physical stores rather than online, the convenience of online shopping apparel, electronics and even beauty and personal care products will eventually spread to food, beverages and household products. Therefore it is now necessary to design and commercialize packaging that meets the needs of e-commerce distribution channels.

D.Zero plastic

Zero plastic channels in supermarket are becoming more and more popular, and brands need to consider which packaging solution can help them occupy a place on the shelves

What does it mean for consumers?

Zero-package stores offer bulk, unpackaged products. People need to bring their own bags because the products are sold by weight. Consumers can just buy the amount they need to avoid wasting on food and packaging. Such stores usually sell dry goods and some liquid beauty and household products.

What is the significance for the brand?

Behind the phenomenon, consumers are overwhelmed by excessive plastic packaging. However, few people are willing to give up the convenience and advantages of plastic packaging. Brands and retailers need to be aware of the opportunities in zero plastic packaging, and that removing plastics does not affect storage or the use of the product.

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