What makes this the perfect box for retailers? And why choose a paper box? Here are just a few reasons:

Jewelry Gift BoxesPerceived Value – Showcases your product and enhances an inexpensive gift to make it seem expensive.
Superior Quality – Makes a great first impression. Each box is made to impeccable standards!
Profitable – Allows retailers to charge the consumer more because of the upscale look.
Protection– Unlike a flimsy folding carton, rigid boxes provide sturdy protection for your product, in shipping or storage. Every box is filled with non-tarnishing, ultra-white synthetic cotton.Aqua Blue Jewelry Boxes
Easy Set-up– Rigid boxes are pre-assembled so retail employees’ time is spent on selling – not assembling!
Store Value – Need your store colors? We can make a custom color box for you to promote your store and coordinate with your other packaging!
Reusable – Gives a second gift to the consumer:  a beautiful box to use or re-use or store the product.
Environmentally Friendly – Most boxes are made from 100% recycled boxboard (the largest component of the box by weight) and the overall recycled content is approximately 80% (including coverings).

For over 20 years, Yilucai has continued to bring you the finest retail gift packaging. Let us help you promote your business, your brand, and your green initiatives!

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